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Posted: Wed, 2012-04-25 19:43

hi! I need some tabs/chords for the song "you wont change". Could anyone help me PLEASE?

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Posted: Mon, 2012-04-30 17:46

Hi Smiley-midget I'm not a guitarist but I've found this link and someone posted how he thinks it's goin'.. Hope you can use it: http://www.4sound.dk/forum/forum_posts.asp?tid=127765


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Posted: Mon, 2012-05-07 18:26

#!?& Azda, for crying out Molly. Where are the fan tabs? Smiley-yawn-more


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Posted: Tue, 2012-05-08 14:36

GF, I am as upset as you Smiley-wink Please accept: http://www.d-a-d.dk/archive/fan-tabs


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