camden gig 30-2-2012

hi guys great gig at camden underworld but would you guys not leave it so long before you get to london again look forward to next gig in the uk,best wishes regards kev


I met my sweetheart on your gig in Oulu 2009 and we're getting married this year <3 it would be more than wonderful for you to come to Oulu again! Btw, sorry for my bad English ;) ja kiitos!

@Birgitte Lund - Overmuch Box

The Overmuch CD-Box is on sale at

But it is best to hurry up, only 5 left in stock.

// Pia


kommer i og besøger mig på skanderborg i år ville blive ked af det hvis ikke


Hey everyone I have a huge problem.... it's a bit embarrassing though. I have recently discovered that I'm madly in love with Jesper and Jacob... I don't know what to do with my self! I have never felt anything this strong. My biggest wish is to meet them, and I would love to sing and play "laugh and a half" to them (I am a singer). So if anyone can see this who might be able to help me, PLEASE do! My name is Linda, I'm 19 years old and live in Sweden. And alla I want is to meed D-A-D, the best band I've ever heard! (and ofc The Beatles)

Linda Karlsson

Herning 26. Maj 2012

Skal i ikke spille 26. Maj 2012 i Herning, er ikke på Tour planen ? ?

Hi Guys

Joined You Pratteln CH at the Z7
Let's Rock The world further on

Konsert Oslo "Rockefeller"

Jeg og kona var på konserten Lørdag. Helt sinnsykt bra. Jeg har sett mange band live, men det showet dere leverer er uten sidestykke. Kona digga dere rått. Hun sa vi må dra neste gang dere kommer, noe som jeg selvfølgelig var helt enig i Smiley-midget-laugh
Takk for at dere er den dere er. Dere gjør mitt liv bedre.

New Website

Great new website! It´s in classic D-A-D-style! Love it and unfortuneately I made a big mistake and missed your swedengigs due to Egypt-holiday but I´m sure you soon will return to your 2nd home....Sweden. Welcome back boys...!

rockefeller oslo 17.03.12

tusen takk for en dritbra konsert igår, storkoste meg å va rått å se dere på sena. keep up the good work!! Smiley-midget

Sweden gig

ok, now I have seen you guys 26 times! and I msut say that you never make me dissapointed..I always stays the whole show with a stupid smile on my face and leaves as a very happy person. I have meet you a couple of times and hope to see you more during 2012.. and I checked the x-mas cards here on the website- I got them all!!!keep up the good shows! see ya!

Been to the shows in Cologne

Been to the shows in Cologne and Kerkrade. "Fell in love" with Laust. Great drummer!

Thanks for the yesturday (15

Thanks for the yesturday (15.3.) show in Helsinki, Circus. I've seen you three times, in Paris 1995 and twice in Helsinki and always enjoyed a lot.

Hej Skriver på igen och då på

Hej Skriver på igen och då på svenska;) Vilken fantastisk show Ni bjöd på söndag 11/3 på Cirkus i Stockholm!! Min biljett var en present från min äldsta dotter då jag är en kvinna som inte har förstånd att åldras..;) Den Bästa presenten jag kunde få till 50-års present!!! Ni Älskkar det Ni gör, det syns och Vi Älskade att se hela showen, tiden gick för fort för Ni bjöd på så väldigt underbart stort!! Tackar Rockklassiker, radiostation i Sverige, som spelar er musik och jag "råkade" missa Er på 80-talet, då jag var på mänga konserter och bodde i Stockholm, jag såg Queen, Kiss, Judas Priest, DIO mfl.. Svårt mäta Er med någon annan för Ni är så otroligt energiska underhållande och så ooootroligt BRA!!! Tack igen, kvällen var rä det var söndag som förvandlades till lördag..!!! Globen nästa Eller??? Kram från en Övernöjd publik!!!

My daughter and I was in

My daughter and I was in Stockholm in Cirkus and watch You!! You are BEST the show is better then many other conserts!! I have seen KISS, Judas Priest, Rolling Stones, Queen and many more...Your show is real great and we had so Fun & We loved You from start to stop!!! Great show and we are going to come and see you n summer!! Love and joy from Britt-Marie & Emilia

Faboulous gig at Cirkus

Faboulous gig at Cirkus yesterday, soo nice to see u all 4 on top!
Really nice setlist, containing somewhere around 10 songs from the 2 last albums!
"A new age" totally rocks as a opener, and MP is fokkin great live!
Reconstrucdead was far better than ever before, and you took Laugh and a 1/2 beyond where it normally goes!

B:I:G Thanks!

Hello D-A-D,

Hello D-A-D,
this will be in english though to your poor swedish!! I love you still Jesper, your mysterious lyrics fascintates me and thanks for playing Gothenburg on saturday even if I thought it was a bit sloppy with what I've seen before, had Jacob had a beer to much or what, saturday? Laust is a professional and Stieg delivers as usual! And what about the ridiculous high volume, with the Fender you sound alright, but with Gibson it just roars 3/4 of the concert! Hope you got a good sunday in Stockholm and hope to see you here soon in the west. I slept my day away yesterday, hope you'll find a day to do the same, you are always welcome here and listen to vinyls from -60's to the future, rock'n'roll!

All the best to you all!

Mikael 1963 - Mölnlycke - Göteborg - SWEDEN

jeg er glad for jeg kan sove

jeg er glad for jeg kan sove i
- 3.3. markthalle hamburg
tusind tak
ihr seid nicht nur eine band - ihr
seid etwas besonderes -
sweden-rock we sit together in
markthalle was my 10 th concert
with you

Hjælp mig.

Hjælp mig.
Jeg har søgt asti afsted over hele world wide wep, efter "The overmuch box" men kan ikke finde den..
I want it now. please help.
Love and rock on..

Cant wait to see u in oslo in

Cant wait to see u in oslo in two weeks..and then in Falconersalen 13.4....mooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaah! LOVE THIS BAND....I WANT ANOTHER ALBUM SOOOOOOOON:)

It`s not death, but hell I fear..(Biggest fan in Norway).

I have missed you quite a few

I have missed you quite a few times -

Then finally, 25 years later, I saw you the first time on stage (Pratteln CH).

For me it was kind of a "rocking diary": to each song a memory, to each song a remembrance, a hidden feeling. just like a journey back in time.

... and because it felt good I did it again ... and I flew to Hamburg to see you live in the "Markthalle". It was the whole trip worth!

Thanks for the support! I love what you do!

- Peter Pan -

kan ikke vente med at se jer

kan ikke vente med at se jer i helsinki om en halvanden uge hell yeah

you guys Rock my world !


I Like your concert in novara

I Like your concert in novara, romagnano sesia (italy) i follow you since 1986
you rock!

02.03.2012,Kerkrade,one of

02.03.2012,Kerkrade,one of the best live shows I have seen lately. Great sound and great musicians.

Sorry I forgot to say

Sorry I forgot to say something for my compatriots: time to work at a French D.A.D. Tribute Band, folks!!!!!!! xoxo

You are the best performers:

You are the best performers: haven't lost anything from the first days!!! You are ETERNAL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amour, clap, chanson...Great memories from Savigny-le-Temple.
Hope to seen you soon. xoxoxo

Superb performance, last

Superb performance, last night in Savigny-le-Temple. Oh Danish people are so lucky, loads of tour dates!! They can come and see you plenty of times. You are the best entertainers! Amour, clap, chanson...Great memories! Love you. See you soon hopefully. xoxoxo

Dear DAD! You must come to

Dear DAD! You must come to Finland this summer! We`ll be waiting <3

Just came back from Savigny

Just came back from Savigny-le-Temple where you guys did a terrific show. It was the first time I saw you live. The first time I heard about you was in 1991 or 1989 when you were interviewed on M6's Metal Express show.

One regret, you didn't sing "there's a ship" nor "I won't cut my hair".

See you at HellFest in Clisson!

We want what Laust got!


Sooo much fun we had!!!
We met Jacob before the show, smokin' a cigarette and we told him we've been in Munic-Backstage last week and now we are here to make some STIMMUNG for you!!! ..and we did!
I'M SUE and I'm screaming my heart out for you (You know what I mean :))) Jesper thank you so much for the plektrum you gave to my boyfriend and me.. and Laust you gave him a drumstick! mange tak!!! WE WAN'T WHAT LAUST GOT!!!...You're my favorite band since 18 years now and Jesper you're THE VOICE for me!!!
I took some nice pics and sent it to your webtender (like we did with the pics from munic) ev'rybody can see and enjoy....!!! I send you all my love.. :)))

Thanks for the Show in

Thanks for the Show in Saarbrücken! Awesome!!!


Diesen Morgen habe ich sogar den Wecker verhört weil ich dachte es wäre Samstag Smiley-wink

Missed Ill Will but Setlist was great!






Hej D.A.D (: Jeg håber i

Hej D.A.D (: Jeg håber i tjekker jeres gæstebog^^'
Er det rigtigt at I har gået på klubben HUSET ?(: has fast on has fast on wheels setlist .put d.a.d in search will show last show first.

Hi Alex! i got a setlist..

Hi Alex! i got a setlist..
but there is also a picture of the setlist on the last photo from the show in Cologne, Luxor, 2012-02-12 !! check it out! Smiley-midget

Anyone who has a setlist for

Anyone who has a setlist for the fast on wheels tour??Please post it here!
Rock on!

Please come back to Portugal.

Please come back to Portugal. Want to see you again at Hard Club (saw you there in early 00's. Loved the new album!

25 years ago I saw you first

25 years ago I saw you first time in Grenaa, Denmark - even since all your shows have been terrific - so looking forward to your show in BUDAPEST tomorrow

Thank You guys for one of my

Thank You guys for one of my best working day in Masters og Tock Cafe - Zlin - Czech Republic. It was fun for me to help You and do a taxi :DDD

Devil - Tuti Fruti - Stagecrew Boy

thank you for the great gig

thank you for the great gig in schweinfurt (Stattbahnhof) i hope we see us in roskilde this year

Still great music after all

Still great music after all these years. The gig in munic yesterday was awesome again! Stigge, thanks for the photo aftershow.


What a great gig in Cologne!

What a great gig in Cologne!
We were there with our whole family clan.
Since we saw you first on the "Riskin' it all - Tour" the D-A-D virus has infected the next generation.
You invited the boyfriend of my brother's daughter right before the concert.
That was awsome from you. THANK YOU SO OVERMUCH!!!

Cheers Gerd


Hi everybody!

Hi everybody!
We met in cologne at a café right before your concert.
You invited me and my friends. THANKS 4 THAT!!!
We had much fun, and i could surprise my girlfriend and her
whole family who were there!
I am very sorry, that i did not like your music.
My heart beats electronic.
But I liked the energy very much. Your humor and
the way you were on stage. As I said, we had much fun
to jump around and want what LAUST got.

My girlfriend and me had 2 fantastic weeks in fjerritslev
last year and want to visit your country again.

Go on with your thing!
Best whishes from cologne,

.....breaking them heart by

.....breaking them heart by blowing my ears away........great voice....1 min.20.....fuck yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

hej alle jer seje gutter fra

hej alle jer seje gutter fra dad, syntes det er rigtigt godt musik i spiller, og håber i fortsætter i mange år endnu, har læst at
stig stopper i bandet, men ved ikke om det er opspind, men har svært ved at se nogen overtage hans plads, håber han fortsætter, og glæder mig til jeres koncert i vejle. mange hilsener Tanja Frederiksen.

Just wanted to say hello and

Just wanted to say hello and congratulate you for your MUSIC GREETINGS FROM ARGENTINA

What a great gig,we see us in

What a great gig,we see us in Wacken!!

it´s been the fourth time to

it´s been the fourth time to see you live on stage and I promise I´ll be there again when you`re on tour again the next time. thanx a lot for a great evening in the ZECHE....

I er helt suveræne!

I er helt suveræne!

Great gig in Bochum. From

Great gig in Bochum. From past to present. Enthisiastic and amazing - still one of the best performers in music business. I´ll never forget my 4th DAD-concert. 12 points from Germany.

- - -
I carry it over my shoulder like a lance
A pole with a banner sayin'; T-To-Tolerance!!


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